Innovations and improvements in FikusWorks 20

Faster, more reliable and efficient

Metalcam launches to the market the new version of FikusWorks that incorporates multiple improvements and new features to provide users faster, more reliable and efficient wire EDM CAM, improving the workflow allowing to reach new levels of productivity.

In the new FikusWorks 20 there are multiple new characteristics that will help the user to improve the experience with the software. We have improved the calculation algorithm decreasing times, improvements in Wizards performance and also reducing scene regenerating when changing from one node to another in CAM.


FikusWorks feature recognition

A complete solution for wire EDM, or an add-in for your Solidworks CAD


New FikusWorks version

Complete solution

FikusWorks is available as a comprehensive CAD/CAM solution, in three different configurations to suit your needs:

  • SolidWorks CAD (parts-only) + Wire EDM CAM

  • SolidWorks CAD (Parts & Assembly) + Wire EDM CAM

  • SolidWorks CAD (Parts & Assembly & Drawings) + Wire EDM CAM

All the tools available in FikusWorks can significantly improve productivity and manufacturing time, such as specific machining wizards for different machines, templates, customizable databases or automatic technological points, which are available to make your work easier and more productive.

Machine technologies from manufacturers Like Accutex, ActSpark, GF Machining Solutions, Chmer, Fanuc, Hitachi, Joemars, Makino, Mitsubishi, ONA EDM and Sodick are implemented in FikusWorks with optimized technological tables and postprocessors. The programming wizards help to create the cutting sequence step-by-step and control all the machining parameters. Thus the Expert Knowledge helps to complete the programming process easily and efficiently.

Fully integrated add-in

FikusWorks 20 is also available as an add-in to integrate the best wire EDM CAM solution on the market into your Solidworks platform and start programming the machining immediately.

Once you have finished your CAD tasks, you can directly open the FikusWorks tab in the SolidWorks main menu and start working with the intuitive, easy to use and efficient FikusWorks CAM solution for wire EDM.

Advanced and efficient Wire EDM CAM

FikusWorks is an advanced and efficient wire EDM CAM software, that offer the user a high automation level and, in consecuence, a high productivity error-free.

Feature Recognition

Feature Recognition is an advanced tool for Wire EDM which simplifies the workload by detecting all geometries to be cut automatically in a single setup. It is a fully automated selection tool which helps in the identification of various features like punch/cavity/open contours, cylinder/constant & variable taper, 2 axis/4 axis type workpiece, land & taper collars. Further, automatic grouping of cylinders/ constant tapers & creation of auto entry-motions are available.

Automation modules

Optionally, FikusWorks offers the most advanced automation modules to reduce hand-made work and increase producticity, as:

  • ASM - Automatic Slug Management (Slug Extractor) is a new option to remove the slugs automatically, as soon as the roughing cut is over

  • ASW - Automatic Slug Welding is a new function that we can use as an alternative to the conventional remnant cut

  • AB - Alignment Basic Automatic Part Alignment Macros to setup the part position in XY plane using the wire

  • A3D - Alignment 3D Automatic Part Alignment Macros to setup the part position in 3D space using touch probe

  • AR - Renishaw Automatic Part Leveling Macros to setup the part position in XY & 3D space using Renishaw probe

  • TBI - Turn and burn Indexed Positional (indexing) cutting using Rotary attachment. Also known as Turn-then-burn. Programing like any other EDM operation but moving the rotary axis between the operations



New grouping selection method for cylinders by maximum diameter


New grouping selection method for cylinders by height and diameter

New features and capabilities


New interface for threads and cuts

Automatic Feature Recognition

  • New selection filter for cylinders or maximum diameter. We can now discard all cylinders or set to recognize diameters less bigger than a specific value

  • New grouping selection method for the cylinders according Diameter and Height Tolerance. This solution is very useful when diameter and heights are different and we want to set the same cutting conditions for the whole part.

CAM improvements

  • New toolpath form (featuring logically rearranged fields and expandables panels for all technologies).

  • Rearranged the icon position in the CAM icon bar for all technologies.

  • Enable Multi entry motions for punches.

Multi Origins or Multi “0” for Wire technologies

  • This new functionality to select one or more machine references for one or more parts.

  • The postprocessor will now output the corresponding machine reference (G54,G55,…) and relative coordinates.

New interface

New interface, specially for optimizing Threads and Cuts. We introduced Global Changes in Phases/Geometry order and optimization behaviour.

Wizard improvements

This new FikusWorks release intorduce multiple changes in any of the specific machine wizards that increase productivity.

  • Remnant cut for plate (combination of punch and die geos) is moved to the last phase

  • Improvements in Wizards: Detail name, machine name and file name, enable jumping between steps, machine and DB use.

Continuous development

FikusWorks 20 has been developed to keep the most desired demands from the Wire Cut Industry: the efficiency and the accuracy. The optimal cutting strategies implemented in the post processors of this product will be the real strength for the users

Our collaboration with the most advanced machine tool manufacturers in the development of FikusWorks has made possible offer an intuitive, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solution for Wire EDM designed to increase productivity and reduce the time to market.


Multi-origin definition function