Take full advantage of your wire EDM machine using a dedicated CAM software

Wire EDM technology is an electro thermal manufacturing process achieved through high precision wire EDM CNC machines which move the wire tool (cathode) following a programmed contour to erode/cut the same on a workpiece (anode) using electrical sparks.

A wire EDM CAM having extensive and exclusive features, and functionalies which uses the databases from all major wire EDM machine manufacturers, having up to date post processors is well equipped to solve wire cut EDM programming problems.

CAM software for wire EDM must control and combine more parameters than conventional technologies, this is why the wizards in wire CAM software are more important than in any other technology.

Reasons to add the wire EDM technology on your shop floor

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Immediate turnaround

  • Profitability

  • Higher precission

  • New market segments

What you should request from the Wire EDM CAM software

In the eBook we explain some important requirements for those starting out in this technology:

  • Intuitive and easy programming

  • Flexibility opening different types of CAD files

  • Upgradable system

  • Specific database and postprocessor for your machine

and others that an expert will appreciate:

  • Troubleshooting by the CAD/CAM

  • Complete software features

  • Excellent training

  • Flexibility adjusting specific parameters

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Discover why you should incorporate wire EDM technology into your shop floor and what features a good CAD/CAM solution should have to increase your productivity and profits.

Find out in the eBook entitled Take full advantage of your wire EDM machine using a dedicated CAM software.

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In this eBook you will find a complete guide to the features that a wire EDM CAD/CAM solution must offer to optimize the benefits.

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