The "Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas" (ICFO) uses Fikus milling technology

The ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, is a research center founded in Marz of 2002, focused in the research and training activities, basic and advanced in the different Photonoic Sciences and Technology branches in a top international level. With its headquarters in the Parque Mediterráneo de la Tecnología en Castelldefels, Barcelona, ICFO develope a research activity in the border betwen several photonic sciences fields.


High-precission specialist


One of its excellence areas is the high-precission optic-mechanic field for the development of advanced photonic devices.

These devices are useful in multiple technological fields, from biology or mediacal industry to telecommunications, the optical electronic technology, sensors and detection ultra-sensitive systems or industrial photonic industry.

To know more about the current projects in development you can visit ICFO, website:

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